After being Australia’s leading louvre window manufacturer for close to fifty years, Breezway was facing a sudden change in market dynamics. The company had just upgraded its product offering with the introduction of its patented living hinge mechanism and G3 handle and blade design. Coincidentally, louvres, as a natural alternative to electric air conditioning, were enjoying a new vogue with architects. And, for the first time in living memory, cheap imported louvres began finding their way into Australia. With market share at risk, it was time to act. And fast.


First and foremost we had to boost awareness of brand Breezway and its inherently superior design characteristics with architects. The campaign took the form of trade advertising, A1 posters, and The Breezway Ideas Book, the latter giving architects a tangible aid to on-sell the benefi ts of Breezway Louvre Windows to builders and home-owners.