A Bit About Us

Catalyst Marketing's sole focus is to assist businesses in identifying a clear strategy for success. We then create a communications platform, that ongoing advertising can use as a benchmark for all forms of marketing communication. 

It is often surprising just how quickly this can be achieved. What's not surprising is how how much of a 'lightbulb' moment it can be for a business owner. 

We stand for strategically driven creative communication with a clear "what's in it for your customer" message. We are fiercely against ego driven creativity getting in the way of the message. We are here to help you sell your stuff or your service. That's our job.

*Catalyst Marketing has evolved from our original company adGroup Marketing that partnered with some of Australia's leading brands. Some of our work is included here.


Ken has extensive experience in marketing and advertising throughout Australia, with businesses large and small. He has consulted to Government at Federal and State level and had many years of dealing with major international and national companies, as an advisor and consultant in all matters of marketing, including brand strategy, company culture and communications across all media.

Ken has played a significant role in the launch of many of today’s new products brands and services. He has established a number of successful companies from foundation up as well as sold, merged and acquired companies and understands the complexities of merging company cultures into one single minded direction. As well as owning his own businesses Ken has worked for global and national advertising and marketing groups in a client management and creative capacity across many industries.

Contact Ken Johns, ken@catalystmktg.au for a no obligation chat