Star Track Express


Changes to the dynamics of the express freight business together with the establishment of a strong technology leadership position meant that after years of trading as Discount Freight Express the name of this major Australian company was no longer relevant. It was decided to reposition the company under the name of its proprietary computer based barcode track & trace technology which was known internally and by some customers as ‘Star Track’.


It was determined that simple ‘name-change’ advertising would not be suffi cient to re-position the company as the industry leader that it had clearly become. Instead, through the highly visible medium of television, and the more specifi c B2B medium of Qantas In-flight, the new name of Star Track Express and the company’s technological advantages were made known with a campaign that had turbo charged credibility through the inclusion of high profile clients such as Ken Done, TDK,ZIP and Honda. We also delivered on a very important internal communication requirement by producing corporate culture videos, staff training videos, motivational posters, and new sales material.